Pre-Inspection Services 


Al-A-Carte Services

What is a pre-inspection service? 

  It is a service to the SELLER in which an inspection is performed on any specific area or all areas of the home to let the potential buyer know that a Certified Home Inspector has completed a preliminary inspection to assure that it is market ready and is in working order at the time of the inspection, as well as, addressing any safety concerns and recommended actions. 

Al A Carte' Services

We offer an al a carte' choice to sellers, inspecting only what they want inspected such as the home's mechanical's, structure, electrical and or/plumbing, paying only for the inspections you want to help sell your home. This not only helps the seller get the asking price they desire but it helps the buyer to know they are getting a quality home in working order.

In the event the potential buyer would like to use our Certified Home Inspector to complete any area of the home not already inspected we would not charge them for previously inspected areas within 30 days.


$75.00 per category al a carte'

$275 full home inspection